Boost Your Businesse Live Website Review Series

Updated March 27, 2024
Updated March 27, 2024

Welcome to the first episode of “Boost Your Business,” a series where I, Miguel Cairo, dive deep into service-based business websites, analyzing them to reveal powerful strategies for increasing conversions.

Today, we’re exploring a plumber’s website, highlighting key areas for improvement and sharing actionable tips every small business owner can implement.

Who is this for? Small business owners in the service sector looking to elevate their online presence and conversion rates. Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, mechanic, painter, or any service-based entrepreneur, you’ll find value here.

In this video, we cover: Navigational simplicity to enhance user experience. Clear calls-to-action that guide your visitors. Trust-building elements that every service website needs.

A bit about me – I’m Miguel Cairo, owner of Unique Web Designer, with years of experience crafting websites that not only look great but perform exceptionally in converting visitors to customers.

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Boost Your Business: Live Website Review Series – YouTube

(00:01) hello everyone Miguel here from unique web designer and I’m going to start a new series in which I review random websites of service-based businesses in order to show you guys what I would do to improve that website’s conversions now I’m only going to focus on the homepage to keep the the video short and this is going to be live so if I blur anything if I blunder anything just forgive me but bear with me um and we’ll go ahead and start out with this one I already cheated so I did a search for plumbers in Hollandale

(00:40) Beach Florida and up here we have sponsor links we’re not going to do any sponsored and down here we have another sponsored and then we have Hollywood Plumbing but obviously they don’t have a website so we’re not going to review them them reliable construction and plumbing they do have a website so we’re just going to go ahead and click over to their website and do a review of this site and one thing that I will say just looking at their Google business profile it’s beautiful they have 133 reviews all five star they have

(01:20) their phone number so it’s easy to reach them I would assume most people that come across this company they’re probably not even going over to their website they’re just contacting them directly from their Google profile because it looks so good and so let’s go ahead and go over to their website right away uh the the one thing that that I will share with you guys is that I do this I’m going to do this reviews on my laptop the reason for that is because most traffic that’s coming to websites

(01:54) right now is from mobile devices it accounts for about 60 to 70% and when I say mobile device devices it could be a cell phone a laptop a tablet or anything that’s smaller than a desktop and the reason for that is because if I if I go to a website on a desktop most likely it’s going to look good because when people when most companies create a website they do it for desktops and then they optimize it for mobile devices and so on so that when you look at the website on a smaller screen it looks good so my

(02:28) laptop is actually 13 in in so we can see certain things that may be off that we wouldn’t be able to see on a desktop that’s 20 Ines 24 in and and whatnot so starting out right up here they have the contact contact us they’re open 247 they have their phone number and it is click to call so that’s good they have a phone number again click to call that’s good they have the to follow us on Facebook icon and then Google+ now seeing the go+ icon would tell me that they hav’t updated this website in a very long time

(03:10) because Google+ stopped working they closed it maybe four or five years ago and let let me check just to see Google Plus close so Google+ was shut down April 2nd 2019 so so basically this is a useless icon right here if we go to it let’s see where it takes us Google workspace updates so that’s basically just the worthless icon he could they could just remove it and no biggy one thing that I would do up here is right now if I’m looking at this this doesn’t really pop to me like I can see the phone number

(03:53) but it doesn’t really Pop It has nothing that’s different than anything else up here so so I would definitely put a separate background or move it to over here make it bigger or something to make to make it pop so that people can easily reach me so now moving down this is their logo and I’m assuming this is like a water drop and reliable construction and plumbing now there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this logo but this part right here doesn’t really tell me anything about what they do and I’m just going to

(04:32) assume this is also part of the logo because there’s a line right here so I’m just going to assume this is also part of the logo but I would create a logo that conveys what I do in this case I would want to convey that I am a plum so over here we’re not going to go into all these links because we I mean I’m not going to make this video 20 30 minutes we’re just going to do the homepage which is the most important page of any website that’s where most people are going to go and from there

(05:10) they’re going to navigate to where you want them to navigate for the most part if you do a good job and so let’s just Cal move down so the next section one thing that you’ll notice obviously I can’t see these buttons once again like if I was on my desktop it would look more like this which is why I do this on my desktop so on my on my on my desktop I would look at this nothing wrong on my laptop I look at it and here we catch this oh I can’t see this so anybody coming here maybe they don’t see this they don’t

(05:47) know they they’re gonna they’re GNA have to move down the page in order to contact them or to see what they want them to do next and one thing that that we must remember most people nowadays they make a decision on a website within the first like millisecond it’s it’s less than a second they look at it and they have so many options that they can just go to another website that’s easier to navigate so let’s go ahead and see what they say Jacob the plumber we can take pride in providing the highest

(06:19) quality so right here obviously it should be we take pride in providing the highest quality now highest quality of what so I would definitely tell tailor this message more towards my potential client so if I’m a plumber I may say award-winning plumber in Hollandale Beach which is where they showed up now I don’t know that they’re necessarily focusing on hanale beach for their for their marketing efforts but those are just simple changes that you can make to tailor your message to your actual potential client because right here we

(06:58) can take pride in in providing the highest quality doesn’t really tell me much about the company itself the clear solution to your water problems okay um and then let’s see contact us what does this do okay so that button is not working and let’s say read [Music] more and okay so those two buttons aren’t working so I would assume this is one of these kind of like the Google+ thing where they haven’t just paid attention so they haven’t updated Now read more what am I reading more of you’re telling me that you take pride in

(07:46) providing the highest quality so that’s what I’m going to read more of so this this just doesn’t tell me anything that’s going to make me want to contact them and obviously their buttons not working it’s it’s a bad it’s just bad all around now this image right here it’s obviously a stock image one thing that I would definitely do if I was this this company I would put an image of of myself my employees or somebody here to better connect with with my potential clients anybody arriving to to a to a

(08:21) website if they see a picture an image of somebody that looks like them they’re more likely to contact that that that that company whereas if they see a stock image there’s no connection they see stock images all the time so over here it’s a slider so it’s basically the same thing just doing different images same thing doing different images so for sure I will remove the the slider because I don’t want I don’t want to take anything away from my from people contacting me so I’m taking off the

(08:59) slider right away like I’m not dealing with the slider whatsoever I want to get my point across I want people to contact me and that’s it and I don’t want to do anything that’s going to take away from that and moving down so we have plumbing repairs draining cleaning sewer line repair now I’m not going to read everything I’m just going to assume the the content is correct over here one thing that I would do just to separate this from this I will add a title here saying in this case Services which is

(09:33) what these are so they do plumbing repairs drain cleaning seore line repair so I would just put a title here saying Services it could be plumbing services what related Services whatever they want it could be Hollandale plumbing services and so on so basically some something that that just tells people what this next section is about what they could expect and so moving down who we are once again I’m just going to assume the content is good and let’s play it for a little bit it’s taking a little bit to load so it’s

(10:13) kind of slow okay so nothing [Music] happening so I guess they’re they’re just having like a buffering issue or something but so we’ll just stop it here but as you can see it’s it’s a generic video they probably had somebody do it obviously they paid for it but it’s generic once again and my recommendation here would be to actually create a video where the owner of the company or somebody representing the company is explaining what the company is about who they are what they’re about and so on so

(11:04) I would definitely personalize it just to it’s just another way that you can better connect with your clients so moving on why choose us so content just assume that it’s good we have an image of a bathtub assuming this is a bathroom so right here I would definitely remove this image once again it’s a stock image and it literally says nothing about the Jacob the plumber so I’m definitely removing this and putting something that’s more connected with what they do a bathtub you could be selling me a

(11:40) bathtub a bath a bathroom you could be a bathroom repair repair guy um whereas he’s a plumber now it says here that they do construction as well so maybe they do um bathroom remodels or whatnot but I don’t see anywhere where it’s mentioning that kind of that kind of of service so I would definitely tailor this image to something that’s related with pluming and going down we have get a free quote today so they should have a space here so obviously nobody’s paying attention to the to the to the content on this

(12:20) website um but this is good I’m not going to try to submit it and let’s see so moving on down quick and reliable repair of emergency leaks once again right here so this one is not click to call so I would definitely make this where people can click on it and call on a cell phone click call it’s just easy easy to do instead of highlighting and then calling click to call is just better it’s easier for people easier to contact you you want to make things as easy as possible and once again this number does not pop

(12:58) it’s the same as this this so there’s nothing here that pops if I was to come in here and try to contact this company and somehow landed on this specific section the footer right here it’s pretty similar it’s pretty nice nothing nothing to talk about phone numberers click to call copyright 2024 so I guess somebody has updated this this website but they haven’t paid attention to anything else um and like I said I’m not going to go to any of these links because there’s literally no point at this at this time

(13:37) and the video would just be too long so what I’m going to do now I’m going to show you my website so that you can see the contrast in some of the things that I’m saying and what they actually look like so right here unique web designer that’s who we are and and as you can see let me see if I can move this okay so unique web designer it’s not a fancy logo but unique web designer it says what we are we are a web design company unique web design so anybody just looking at our logo they already

(14:19) know who we are they already know what we do they may not know where we do it how to get in contact with us or anything but they know what we do which is the most important thing about a logo and over here we have our navigation we’re not going to go over this but as you see my services we have it where we have specific Pages for each one of our services so if you’re looking to do competitive research competition research you go here if you’re looking to do e-commerce web the site you go here if you need a logo you go here and

(15:00) so on now as you’ll see over here the phone number look it doesn’t look anything like this so it pops the background is white and then you have this orange color so it’s easy to actually find this this number so you can contact me there now moving on down the hero section this top section you’ll see look at the difference look at this and look at this right here I’m saying for lale web design company so we are a web design agency what we do we do web design where and for lot of them yes we

(15:42) work with clients all over the world but we are based in for lot of them so what do we do we build dream websites so in other words if you look at just this section on my website you already know everything you need to to make your decision basically okay where are they located foro can I go see them okay they’re in foro what do they do they’re web design agency what what can they do for me they can create my website my dream website in this case now how can I contact them I can contact them over here and you’ll see it’s click to call I

(16:26) can contact them here if you click here you’ll get a consultation and you can contact us through here it’s a live chat so pretty much everything that I want people to do is right here now if they want to continue here’s an image of myself so it’s not a stock image you can pretty much continue on down and everything every section has a title for lot of the web designer for lot of the web development done right and then I basically mention certain things that we do um here are reviews which basically

(17:10) show people hey this company has reviews other people are saying good things about them I link to my Google business profile basically saying hey we have nothing to hide we have good reviews and we’re happy to show them to you um here’s our process how we do things then here’s another section of of contacting us and as you can see it’s a little separate you have the phone number you have the chat with us it’s very easy there’s nothing hard about being able to contact us anywhere get my

(17:46) free web design quote then we have the portfolio which is showing people hey this is what we can do what do you want here’s some of the things that we’ve done for other clients and and this is why would you choose us and we have some information about why you should choose us book a free web design consultation again the pricing hey how much does it cost that’s one of the questions that we that I get asked the most so right here I have the pricing and I explain exactly how our pricing structure works then over

(18:23) here the guarantees and down here additional service so other services that we provide local SEO copywriting Services logo design web design for for law firms and so on so basically and then here I just mentioned some of the nearby cities that that we service now obviously we service all over the world but this is for SEO purposes for local purposes where I’m mentioning Miami West Palm Beach boar Ron this lets Google know hey this this company is representing all these different cities in South Florida so we have a better

(19:06) chance of ranking for terms like such as what design boaron because we’re mentioning it throughout our website and so this is like frequently asked questions just some of the questions that most people ask me I just put it out there so that you know if anybody actually goes all the way down here they can find some of the answers to potential questions that they may ask in a meeting and over here this is our free consultation so as you can see there’s a huge difference between this right here where I don’t really

(19:45) know what he wants me to do what they want me to do I say he because I keep seeing this guy I don’t know who owns the company but it’s Jacob the plumber so I’m assuming it’s a it’s a guy and so they they it’s it’s not a bad website but there are definitely a lot of things that they can improve in order to get clients to contact them reach out and have that consultation where they could get that potential client and increase their revenue so whereas and then over here it’s just

(20:18) very easy to contact contact contact here’s what we do it’s very nice it’s very simple so what I would do for this person if they were to call me I would definitely redesign this this top area completely I would accentuate the phone number somewhere definitely removing this because it doesn’t exist anymore I would definitely improve their logo maybe change The Branding a little bit to have um better colors that contrast and everything and I would certainly make this about what I want the client to do next

(20:59) so hopefully this video has helped you guys and you guys have picked up some information that you can apply to your website if you want me to review your company just like this video share it leave me a comment on the bottom with your website and I’ll gladly review it and if you don’t want to contact me through through through YouTube then just contact me through a website go to Unique web designer drop me a message and let me know that you want me to review your website it’s completely free of charge so no worries there and it’s

(21:38) up to you if you want to implement and if you have like a specific paino that you want me to go over then I can make sure to emphasize that point when I do your review so with that being said unique is out

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