Local SEO: Mastering Citations for Small Business Success

Updated April 17, 2024
Updated April 17, 2024

Miguel Cairo here from Unique Web Designer. I’ve got something incredibly valuable to share with you…

What You’ll Discover:

The Power of Citations: Learn exactly what citations are in the realm of local SEO, and why they’re not just any online mention of your business. We’ll dive deep into how your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) can significantly impact your visibility.

Citations vs. Backlinks: While both are essential, they play different roles in boosting your SEO. I’ll clarify the distinctions to ensure you’re maximizing both strategies effectively.

Why Citations Matter: Discover the critical role citations play in local SEO, including how they help Google verify your business, boosting your trustworthiness and search ranking.

Building Your Citation Portfolio: I’ll guide you through identifying top general citation sources and niche directories that can propel your business to the top of search results.

DIY vs. Paid Citation Services: To save or to spend? I’ll explore options for building citations yourself or using paid services to manage them, helping you make informed decisions based on your business needs and budget.

Practical Tips and Resources:

Get ready to take notes as I share resources, tools, and tips to kickstart or refine your citation strategy. Whether you’re new to local SEO or looking to update your existing knowledge, this video will provide you with the insights to make your business stand out.

Why This Matters for You:

Being visible online is no longer optional. It’s crucial for attracting local customers and growing your business. By the end of this video, you’ll have a clear action plan to leverage citations effectively, enhancing your online presence and attracting more customers to your door.

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